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Individual Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

Because you really are worth it.

This is a confidential, no-judgement zone to :

-Increase self-awareness

-Explore your past experiences that have shaped your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and patterns

-Learn to manage anxiety symptoms

-Practice healthy boundary setting

-Break generational cycles that are not serving you

-Let go of guilt and shame

-Start prioritizing yourself

Investment: $150 per 50 minute session. Unable to bill insurance. 


In-Person Therapy

**We are practicing all safety guidelines pertaining to Covid-19.

There are many benefits to receiving therapy in person.  You are free of distractions and have this time and place reserved for you and only you. The setting here is peaceful and inviting. This space provides containment and emotional safety.  Located in downtown (old town) Salinas, next to your favorite coffee shops and restaurants, so you can take time for yourself before or after session.

Email for inquiry or appointment

Online Video Therapy

From the comfort of your own home, car, office, hotel room, or anywhere with privacy.


I offer telehealth, using a secure online video therapy platform.  Many people have found telehealth to be more convenient, saving time and stress. 

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